Hear What Others Are Saying...

“Brian has helped us tremendously with advice and support each time we start another FPU class.  He has volunteered to come during our studies provide testimony about the peace that FPU has given him and his family.  He has an incredible story that encourages those who take our class.  He gives them hope that they can do it too through application of God’s money principles through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace.  He is well-spoken and genuine and it is obvious he loves what he does.  We are grateful each time he comes to speak in one of our classes – it is such a blessing to those who hear him!”

Tom & Roni Gillingham
FPU Coordinators

Lake Magdalene United Methodist Church | Tampa, FL

“Brian and his wife Becky played a key role in helping Harvest Church further develop a spirit of generosity by presenting their one-day Financial Freedom workshop.  This workshop was strategic in introducing folks to biblical principles and tools of great financial management practices.  Many participants continued on with next steps of learning.

Brian was well prepared and the workshop was carried out with excellence and relevance.  Brian’s passion and dedication to helping people experience the financial peace that God intends is obvious and meets folks where they are.  Even after the workshop, Brian followed up with me and even now continues to be an encouragement and resource to me.  We’ve become friends and I am excited for the impact he will have for God’s Kingdom.”

Pastor Dave Ulrichs
Executive Pastor

Harvest Church | Billings, MT

“Brian spoke a two week series in our church on God’s Plan to Prosper us. He was passionate and refreshing in bringing financial truths, yet not academic or numbers bound. He honored both the time frame and the congregation. Several people immediately put the principle he taught into motion and have communicated their effectiveness and blessing.”

Pastor Wayne Goldworthy
Executive Pastor

Grace Connection Church | St. Petersburg, FL

I have had the honor of working very closely over my years in ministry with Brian Horvath. He is as skilled as he is passionate. Everything he and I have done together has been tremendously successful because Brian is a selfless and willing vessel who routinely unleashes the power of the Holy Spirit that resides within him. He is a powerful man of God who lives to inspire and empower. He is articulate, intelligent and funny. He is precise and committed and he gives you encouragement all the way through any endeavor. I love watching him speak to a crowd because he glows and the audience feeds off of that warmth.”

Pete O’Shea
Rado Host & Comedian
WTIS 1110 AM – Christian Inspiration | St. Petersburg, FL

Brian has a knack for bringing the complete package. When asked to speak to my ministry group, not only did he address the day’s topic (finances for singles), he also created an atmosphere complementary to his message, including a music soundtrack, display, and giveaways. His presentation about finances was thorough and educational, though not overwhelming. He made us reflect on our own spending habits and spurred many to plan and think differently for their futures. The impact of his words were clear, as a number of people had questions for Brian afterward. I’ve heard nothing but positive comments about his presentation and its benefits!”

Sharon Tubbs
Owner & Chief Communicator
Move Forward Communications | Tampa, FL

“My husband and I have known Brian for about eight years. His passion for teaching, attention to detail, compassionate heart and love for the Lord has helped him to become a tremendous leader. He is always encouraging and willing to help, but most of all his influence in our lives has made us better parents and leaders with a stronger faith. My husband and I are thankful for his willingness to spend time with our High School Co-op class and share his personal story in faith and finances. The kids were highly impressed with him and grateful for his testimony.”  

Corey & Katrina Wysong
Tampa Covenant Church Co-Op | Land O’ Lakes, FL

“I wanted to thank you again for creating such a fantastic Financial Peace University experience. Before I attended FPU, I had no clue how to budget. I was never taught how to manage my money growing up. Brian and Yovani were very patient and supportive in teaching me how to set up a budget, follow the budget, and prioritize debt repayment. The skills that I learned have truly changed my future
It is so much bigger than money. God is good!”

Jonathan Osborn
FPU Graduate 2014 | Tampa, FL

“I thank God for Brian being in my life as a great brother in Christ. He always offer words of encouragement as I continue my walk with our master. I enjoy His sense of humor when we all get together, He cracks me up. Brian is an awesome leader for the kingdom of God and it is my pleasure to be serving alongside with him.”

Keith Salvione
Next Level Leader | Tampa, FL