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My name is Brian Horvath and this is my personal blog.  The BIG idea behind it is to share the lessons I have learned in life and ministry with readers.  It is to be a valuable resource for those seeking wisdom, guidance, knowledge and practical insights in the areas of stewardship, leadership, productivity and business.

I am the Purpose Ministry Director at Grace Family Church in Lutz, Florida (a suburb of Tampa).  I have been serving at GFC since 2007 both as a volunteer leader and staff member.  We believe that God has a purpose for our Time, Talent and Treasure and He desires us to manage it for His glory.  To lead and teach others these principles, we developed the Purpose Career and Purpose Finance ministries.

Grace Family is one of the top 100 growing churches in the United States (by percentage).  Our Purpose ministry vision is that all people know their purpose and are empowered to live it and love it.  Our ministry mission is to inspire people to grow in their talents and equip them with the practical tools to achieve God’s purpose for their life.  Formerly the GFC Stewardship ministry, we have had over 3,000 people attend one of our classes, workshops or sessions since 2007.

In this blog, I will share my successes and failures and do so with my witty, funny, engaging and passionate personality.  My hope is that an interactive community will be established to discuss topics that are important to those who visit this blog.

I typically will post two times a week.  To stay connected, you can subscribe to updates via RSS or e-mail.

My Biography

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and lived there through high school.  I attended and graduated from The Ohio State University with a BA in Communication.  During my career, I have had diverse experiences in sales, marketing and ministry.  From dot com startups to luxury wine to Christian ministry, I have met some extraordinary people while visiting many historic and scenic places in the world.

God has blessed me in my marriage to my beautiful and wonderfully creative wife, Becky Dean Horvath (owner of BDH Event Designs).  We met at Grace Family Church, through Small Groups ministry, in 2010 and were married less than one year later. We are the proud parents of our son, Greyson Maddox Horvath.  We also own two Shih-Tzu loving puppies, Cooper and Gracie and live in a suburb outside of Tampa, FL.

I enjoy life through time with God, laughter, sports, technology, reading, music, travel and personal finance.  These are best experienced with my wife, family, friends, co-workers and those I serve in my calling.

My wife and I choose to live a debt-free lifestyle so that our family can be ready to serve Him without the chains of debt.  As a family, we are on Baby Step 7 of the Dave Ramsey plan and have led many through the Baby Steps including helping 2,000+ people eliminate 2MM+ in debt as well as save 1.5MM+ in emergency funds.  You can see a YouTube Debt Free Scream by clicking here.

My Contact Information

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My Blog

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My Disclaimer

I work at Grace Family Church. Everything here, however, is my personal opinion and is not read or approved before it is posted. Opinions, conclusions and other information expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of GFC.