Want to Grow As a Giver?

Tips to Engage and Enjoy Generosity

While recently meeting with a life coach, I learned that the foundational principle of why we are here on Earth is to be in fellowship with God and with others. We are called to help others in ways we can, as we would hope they would help us. I think everyone knows someone who is constantly serving. Their outpouring causes others to look around and ask, “Where does their energy come from?” They may have the spiritual gift of giving. I am grateful for those people. I recognize this in my sister-in-law, Rita. She blesses her immediate family, her parents, my family, coworkers, soccer teams, and the list goes on. She is equipped with the gift of giving her time, talent, and treasure.

Do you want to be a giver?

When speaking with people, I often hear their heart to give. They may want to start giving, or if already giving, they simply want to give more. Sometimes the problem is they just don’t know how. They are unsure of how to take the first step. In this post, I want to bring some life to that desire so you can give, or give more.

Here are some basic tips to get unstuck with giving.

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