How to Know, Live & Love Your Purpose (Part 4 of 4)

The 4 Benefits Experienced When You Love Your Purpose

When you know your God-given purpose and have the courage to live it out, I believe you will love it.

Loving your purpose is a game-changer. Loving your purpose only comes from knowing it and living it each day.

Disclaimer:  “Loving your purpose is not easy.”

There is a price to pay. However, loving your purpose makes life worthwhile.

What does loving your purpose mean?

I can answer that by telling you something from my life when I didn’t love my purpose. In 2006, I lived in on the Interbay peninsula of Tampa, Florida called South Tampa. I was renting a quaint two bedroom, 1-bath home built in the 1950’s. I loved living there. I had a front yard,  back yard and was a close distance to the young and hip South Tampa party and restaurant scene. This was perfectly for my employment as a district manager with an international broker and marketer of fine wines.

At that time, If you would have asked me how I knew I loved my purpose, I would tell you something like, “that’s obvious.” I was achieving bonuses, earning salary increases, landing key accounts in the my sales territory, gaining company notoriety and kudos from the boss. My Mom telling me that she was “proud of me” also led to me believe I was in my purpose.

While these are not bad things, they were external drivers. It was the internal places of my heart, soul and mind where a void remained. So much so, that through the year of 2006, I began questioning my existence.

The BIG question, “What on Earth am I here for?” Why, oh why, God did you make me like this? What’s the point of my life – to sell more wine, to impress people in my industry, my town or my family?

I was lost, scared and the hope of my life landscape changing was faint. The party scene was stale, there was minimal work-life-balance and I was ashamed of my past, yet remained in the work and party cycle. My relationships revolved around my client base and the living in the South Tampa social scene.

I thought I knew my purpose. It was to make money, spend it while trying to muster enough enjoyment to motivate me to make it again. I thought I was living out my life purpose through sales and management in the wine business. Yet, I was falling out of love with a vocation I thought I would be doing the rest of my life. Faking it became exhausting. Life was becoming pointless.

In 2006, I attended a New Years Eve party held at one of our distributor salesperson’s homes. While walking home early, at 10pm, (missing the ball drop) I began crying. I was mentally processing my life and where it wasn’t going. I walked into my home, went to my bedroom and put a hanger around my neck and started pulling hoping to take my own life.

Obviously, I didn’t take my life that night! In retrospect, I see that moment as God interevening. The Creator God, who made me in His image, said “enough is enough.”

God grabbed me by my collar and said, as he told the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah,

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you,” declares the Lord, “and will bring you back from captivity.”
– Jeremiah 29:11–14

God began helping me to know, live and love my purpose in Him. He created me with and for a purpose. The Creator God, the Almighty God, the all-knowing, all-powerful and always present God, did the same for YOU!

He desires for you to know Him intimately. It is in this time of relationship, as Jeremiah 29:13 states, where He reveals to you the purpose He has just for YOU!

I encourage you to not waste time. Avoid my path so that God doesn’t have to pick you up by your collar. Life takes on new meaning when you love your purpose. It definitely did for me.

The 4 benefits you experience when you love your purpose!

1. You attract the winners

When you are lost, you don’t attract much of a crowd and if you do, it isn’t the right one. Obviously, this is not a place to hone your leadership skills.

On the contrary, when you are loving your purpose, it’s noticeable and people want to follow you. They say things like, “There’s something about her. I am not sure what it is, but she’s going places.” People want to connect to someone going the direction that’s going to lead them to prosperity. As the saying goes, “like attracts like” and since you’re reading this post, I assume you want to be in the winner’s circle.

2. You increase your influence

I must admit that in my younger days, I experienced too many times of being under the influence of alcohol. During those times of being influenced by too many beers or martini’s, I lost my inhibitions and allowing me to do things I may not normally do, like talk to the “ladies” with no fear.

When you are under the influence of your purpose, you lose your inhibitions. The things that might normally hold you back from achieving the plans that God has for you disappear. Fear, worry, procrastination, anxiety and people-pleasing tendencies take a back seat.

The absence of these obstacles allows you to speak more freely about the plans that God has for you. Your influence increases as you tell more people about the cause you believe in, the business or non-profit you are starting or the societal ills you desire to cure. When you love your purpose the world will know and lives will change for the better.

3. You enjoy progress

If you are like me, you love to see things in life progress. It could be a new home you are building or the local pothole being filled. Hey, it is all progress! To you (and to me), progress means your winning.

Loving your purpose allows you to have a clear mind. Clarity provides perspective and perspective enhances prioritization. Prioritization leads to progress. Progress is a life-changing benefit!

4. You are well rewarded

I will never forget the quote from Zig Ziglar that says, “If you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.” Loving your purpose has that result.

The God-given purpose we have includes serving others. The apostle Paul refers to Jesus saying “It is more blessed to give than to receive” in Acts 20:35.

Truer words have never been spoken. The rewards for serving others is not the same for everyone, but they do come. Rewards come in the forms of relationships, money, time, gifts and most importantly, a healthy well-being. Try it and enjoy!

All people have a purpose even though some don’t know it. To have a life purpose and not know it is torture. To have a life purpose, know it and not live it is denial. To live out what you think is your purpose and not love it means you need to go back to the starting line. It happens, but that’s for another post.

Question: What would help you love your purpose today? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Money and Emotions

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There is truth to that statement as well as positive and negative experiences in life that accompany it. The positive is that I had (and still do today) ambition. It was difficult for me to be content with the status quo. The negative side is that I lacked contentment (and still do today). I dreamed of and desired things I didn’t have. I enjoy the fresh aroma of a newly opened package. Are you picking up what I a putting down (a quotable from the first “Airplane” movie)?

You and I are emotional beings. It is how God created us. God gave us emotions and in His original plan, they were meant for good. Emotions kept under control serve God’s purpose — love Him and love others (Matthew 22:37-40). Uncontrolled emotions are harmful when they become a rampant rudder of our life’s ship.

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When teaching about money, I address the audience in 3’s. For instance, money is Spiritual, Emotional and Practical.

In this post, I address the first and most important. Money is SPIRITUAL.

I was standing in line and waiting for the clerk to call me up to the desk. I had my paperwork all filled out. Being nervous, I had begun to perspire. As I think about it now, I might have been praying. I was at a Best Buy in the Easton Shopping Plaza in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. As I saw it then, my future was in the hands of the credit issuing bank. I was in line to get another credit card because I wanted some stuff. I had a tough week at work and I was sure that acquiring things would solve my problems.

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How to Win the War on Fear

As my wife and I went on a recent Saturday bike ride, I found myself in fear. Fear of what you might ask? Fear of doing something I have not done in a while. The last time I rode a bike was well over 5 years ago and even then I wasn’t very good.

While following (not leading) my wife, I began weaving back and forth.  I had one of those forced smiles with some grinding of teeth as I almost careened into pedestrians.  This is not my cup of Saturday tea. Yet, as a man and leader of my household, I pressed on, with some reservation (a.k.a. fear).

Why is it when I think about fear I get directed towards it? Every time I looked at an obstruction that day I felt like my bike was moving towards it and I became more afraid. Why is that? Why is it that folks who are nervous about heights are told not to look down? I think of what Napoleon Hill states in his 1937 book “Think and Grow Rich”, “You are what you think about all day long.”I am getting fed up with fear. The more I think about what I am afraid of (more than bicycling) it becomes a friend. I have enough friends.

How to win the war on fear:
1. Memorize key scriptures that will help you. (My favorite to battle fear is 2 Timothy 1:7)
2. Pray it and speak it aloud each day
3. Do one thing that you fear each day (also known as stepping out of your comfort zone)
4. Celebrate your growth in Jesus each day. Thank Him for growing you.

Just to let you know…I didn’t wreck the bike. I made it alive to write this blog.

Question: What are you thinking about all day long? How do you overcome the fear that can attack?