Marriage and M.O.N.E.Y.

Meant to Go Together

It’s here! The wedding day! The bride has been dreaming of this her whole life. The groom is an aisle walk away from seeing his favorite girl like never before! It’s exciting times on marital bliss lane and married life is about to become reality. After becoming a believer in Christ, I learned that marriage is a blessing from the Lord. Today, I view the holy institution of marriage as two of God’s unique creations, man and wife, united in a powerful way to change the world. I have heard it said God designed marriage to make us holy, not happy. When I became married, myself, I quickly learned God wanted to change me first. I wasn’t ready for the “heavenly” makeover.

There are many lessons to learn through marriage. One of the hardest, yet one of the most influential is the M.O.N.E.Y. lesson. The purpose of this writing is to you help you with this powerful tool God gives us.

Make money a part of your marriage mission

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