How to Know, Live & Love Your Life Purpose (Part 1 of 4)

We Are All Created For a Purpose

When I was twenty-five I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In the courts of Columbus, Ohio, I sat in front of a trustee along with my attorney and admitted that I was financially insolvent.  No money, no assets, no purpose and very little hope.

Have you ever been bankrupt? Do you think your bankrupt?  Maybe you have knocked on the doors of some bankruptcy attorneys recently. Bankruptcy didn’t just happen for me. It was a result of bad choices that were beyond how I managed my money.

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Money and Emotions

3 Ways to Master Their Connection

As a young boy my Mom would tell me, “Brian, you are never satisfied!”

There is truth to that statement as well as positive and negative experiences in life that accompany it. The positive is that I had (and still do today) ambition. It was difficult for me to be content with the status quo. The negative side is that I lacked contentment (and still do today). I dreamed of and desired things I didn’t have. I enjoy the fresh aroma of a newly opened package. Are you picking up what I a putting down (a quotable from the first “Airplane” movie)?

You and I are emotional beings. It is how God created us. God gave us emotions and in His original plan, they were meant for good. Emotions kept under control serve God’s purpose — love Him and love others (Matthew 22:37-40). Uncontrolled emotions are harmful when they become a rampant rudder of our life’s ship.

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