5 Reasons Why You Need a Dream Team in Your Life

Live Life to The Fullest With These People

Recently, I had the privilege to speak to a group of high-level leaders at my church about self-leadership.I spoke to the men and women about knowing, living and loving the purpose that God has for them. I taught that living out your purpose will require an accountability Dream Team to catapult, rescue or help you throughout the life journey. After my talk, there were some leadership questions about who should be on the Dream Team and how those people should be chosen.

In my life, I have weekly interactions with people who provide me (and my family) counsel and coaching as well as love, encouragement and support.

Some people…

know me well, some don’t.
know my family well, some don’t.
I pay, some I don’t.

Sometimes it is…

someone God uses
the same person
someone different
an individual
my wife
my parents
a business leader
a pastor
my boss
a friend
a group of men
a group of men and women

I visit these people when…

I need heavenly wisdom.
I need biblical counsel.
I need companionship.
I need encouragement.
I need marital advice.
I struggle with a major life decision.
I have a financial question.
I need to confess a sin.
I just need a hug.
I need a “kick in the rear”.
I need someone to listen.
I need legal advice.
I don’t feel well.
I am angry.
I am sad.
I need prayer.

These are the people on my Dream Team.

They are my inner circle. They help me live my life to its fullest no matter my best day or my worst day. These people are my personal board of directors.

For self-leadership, we must have a group of people in our lives who will encourage us, equip us, inspire us, coach us and challenge us.

Here are 5 Reasons Why You Need a Dream Team in Your Life

  1. Live our life’s purpose
  2. Improve clarity of our life’s vision
  3. Work out solutions to the life puzzle
  4. Shape our character
  5. Prepare to serve on someone else’s dream team

If that wasn’t enough, here are some examples of the Dream Team in the Holy Scriptures:

  • David had his Dream Team in his mighty men (2 Samuel 23:8-39)
  • Paul had a Dream Team made up of Titus, Philemon and Timothy
  • Moses had Jethro, his Father-in-Law, providing him advice (Exodus 18)

We are created for community! Our Creator is in community — Father, Son & Holy Spirit. In Genesis 2:18 God said in the Garden of Eden, “it is not good for man to be alone.” God knew that we would need help in our stewardship. God wants us to have a Dream Team and He desires to be on it.

Next week, I will bring you ideas about who should be on your Dream Team and how to begin building it immediately.

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  • Stephanie Parker

    Fantastic post. I have challenged myself to consider the wisdom and take the challenge. Do I have that dream team in place? For me, I have a weekly meeting with an amazing man Bill. He all year has helped me to identify my Life Mission and Purpose. He doesn’t realize it, but he is on my dream team. As I consider the areas that indeed would benefit from the wisdom, counsel and mentoring of others –I see that in Finance, Health, Career and Purpose, Being a Godly Wife, Being a Godly Friend, Being a Godly Mother, Generosity, Lifestyle and Relationships. Sometimes the counsel I get requires much change for me to submit to. It has required pain in the stretching and hard work. But I am excited to Praise God each day for it. I read Proverbs 12 today. Verse 15 says: “The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advise”. May I humble myself and remain teachable–Never to fall off the Potters wheel!

    • Thanks Stephanie for your comment! It’s always a Work-in-Progress! Tanks for taking the challenge! 🙂