How to Win the War on Fear

As my wife and I went on a recent Saturday bike ride, I found myself in fear. Fear of what you might ask? Fear of doing something I have not done in a while. The last time I rode a bike was well over 5 years ago and even then I wasn’t very good.

While following (not leading) my wife, I began weaving back and forth.  I had one of those forced smiles with some grinding of teeth as I almost careened into pedestrians.  This is not my cup of Saturday tea. Yet, as a man and leader of my household, I pressed on, with some reservation (a.k.a. fear).

Why is it when I think about fear I get directed towards it? Every time I looked at an obstruction that day I felt like my bike was moving towards it and I became more afraid. Why is that? Why is it that folks who are nervous about heights are told not to look down? I think of what Napoleon Hill states in his 1937 book “Think and Grow Rich”, “You are what you think about all day long.”I am getting fed up with fear. The more I think about what I am afraid of (more than bicycling) it becomes a friend. I have enough friends.

How to win the war on fear:
1. Memorize key scriptures that will help you. (My favorite to battle fear is 2 Timothy 1:7)
2. Pray it and speak it aloud each day
3. Do one thing that you fear each day (also known as stepping out of your comfort zone)
4. Celebrate your growth in Jesus each day. Thank Him for growing you.

Just to let you know…I didn’t wreck the bike. I made it alive to write this blog.

Question: What are you thinking about all day long? How do you overcome the fear that can attack?

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