The Secret Sauce for Starting a Stewardship Ministry | Part Two

Here is the 2nd part of a 3-part series entitled, “The Secret Sauce to Starting a Stewardship Ministry at your Church”.  This is an exciting write for me because I never dreamed I would be on the path that I am today.  I am thankful God has led to me being a stewardship director at a 7,000 member church.

I have had the privilege of leading the Stewardship Ministry for 7 years at Grace Family Church in Lutz, FL just outside of Tampa. During this time, I have learned that the most important thing to starting and growing a Stewardship ministry is having the Secret Sauce.  Using Financial Peace University, the ministry has been able to graduate almost 2,000 people, pay off over 6MM in debt and save 2MM in emergency funds.  How did we accomplish this?  It’s because we used the Secret Sauce for Starting a Stewardship Ministry, its called VMG.  It’s VISION – MISSION — GOAL.


Grace Family Church Stewardship Mission Statement:
Teaching all people how to manage God’s resources God’s way.

I love Dave Ramsey’s thoughts on mission.  He says “the mission statement defines more about what you are not than what you are.”  It connects to the vision and keeps us true to our values.  It allows us to choose and create resources to educate and empower the body of Christ.

At Grace Family, we utilize Dave Ramsey’s suite of products as part of our stewardship discipleship offerings:

At times, we compliment these Ramsey Solutions with other resources; however, we have found Dave’s to be the best fit for our culture. In addition, we accomplish our mission by creating curriculums of our own including the Financial Freedom 1-Day Workshop, Purpose Vocational Ministry (which includes Purpose Career and Purpose Volunteer Now offerings) and Money Mentors One-on-One Coaching.  For more detail, visit

We value small groups to serve as accountability, but also to grow lay leadership and provide opportunities for group members to minister to one another as Hebrews 10:24-25 instructs.  We track attendance, reward participation and share testimonies each week.  We lead the stewardship leaders and prepare them through prayer meetings, coaching workshops and social outings so that they are prepared for ministering to those who attend each week.

The group of leaders together keep each other on mission.  I believe most of the time we are tight-knit unit of ambassadors for Jesus Christ.  That does not mean that we are always in agreement.  The tactics may be disputed.  The timing of when we move in a certain direction may be debated. There may be times when the decisions are daunting; however, we use the mission to put our agendas aside and move the team toward unified victory!

The mission is executed out of the vision (preferred future) and goals help us to mobilize our individual team members to action.

See the third and final part of the Secret Sauce on Saturday, October 11th as I share a personal story of goal-setting and accomplishment in Stewardship.

Tip:  Decide to integrate the Stewardship curriculum that you have chosen with the culture of your church.  The opposite approach will not work.

Question:  What distraction will you keep out of your day tomorrow to help you remain on mission? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Wow, I really love this….and I have to agree, those are some very potent ingredients for success in stewardship.