The Secret Sauce for Starting a Stewardship Ministry | Part One

Over the next week,  I will be posting a 3-part series of blogs entitled,  “The Secret Sauce to Starting a Stewardship Ministry at your Church”.  This is an exciting write for me because I never dreamed I would be on the path that I am today.  I am thankful God has led to me being a stewardship director at a 7,000 member church.

I have had the privilege of leading the Stewardship Ministry for 7 years at Grace Family Church in Lutz, FL just outside of Tampa. During this time, I have learned that the most important thing to starting and growing a Stewardship ministry is having the Secret Sauce.  Using Financial Peace University, the ministry has been able to graduate almost 2,000 people, pay off over 6MM in debt and save 2MM in emergency funds.  How did we accomplish this?  It’s because we used the Secret Sauce for Starting a Stewardship Ministry, its called VMG.  It’s VISION – MISSION — GOAL.


Grace Family Church Stewardship Vision Statement:
All people are educated and empowered to manage God’s resources God’s way.

The work in Stewardship ministry is difficult.  The vision will help ministry leaders pray, plan and grow and will serve as a guide through turbulent times.  The vision should dictate the clarity of ministry purpose, the mission and the goals that follow.

Our vision did not come right away.  Instead, it evolved  over time with a series of meetings by our core leadership team. First, we determined our values.  We met together over breakfast, brainstormed and wrote them down.

These values unified our team resulting in an easier process for drafting our vision statement. We embraced our vision as the “preferred future” we wanted to achieve in our ministry, a term Andy Stanley refers to in his book “Visioneering”.

After several drafts, our team reached agreement on our first ministry vision statement.  It was shortened a year or so later so we could easily remember it and this statement continues to guide us five years later.

The team and I noticed a major shift in our focus, attitude, recruitment and interaction with church leadership when we established our vision. It allowed us to slowly, but surely communicate that Stewardship is about more than managing our money for God, but included our time and talents, too.  This vision also helped us clearly communicate the mission.

Tip:  Brainstorm on values of the ministry and allow that to guide the authoring of your vision statement.  Keep it simple so your team and others can remember it.

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  • Very thankful for all the encouragement I received to get this blog post written and posted. Pressing on towards the goal! Looking forward to Part 2 post on Monday!